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A Path to Healing Audio Series

A Spiritual and Physiological guide to Victory over Depression and Anxiety Disorders

By Sharon Lowell


Hear Sharon interviewed about her audio e-book on Women's Business Radio:


The astonishing story of how I went from debilitating, suicidal depression, and extreme panic attacks, rage and mood swings to a life of abundant joy, energy and vitality!

Over 3 hours of healing strategies and guidance that helped me take control of my life back.

Includes interviews with experts in the fields of depression and the mind along with spiritual insights to help you wage war against your depression!

I had lost my home, my friends and my faith.  My illnesses had cost us our life savings and brought us nearly $150,000 into debt.  I was on the verge of losing my marriage, my children and my life.

Believe me, I've been there!  For so much longer than I wish to remember.

This audio Series shows you how to...

Get your physical energy back

Have light wipe out your darkness

End the mental and emotional chaos of extreme mood swings and irrational behavior that's ravaging your life

Infuse yourself with the powerful benefits of the mind-body-spirit connection

Create for yourself a whole new dimension of living beyond your imagination

For years I searched for a solution; a way to just feel like a normal person again. 


None of the doctors I worked with ever really explained what was actually required for healing.  Most of them just prescribed another drug, some of which helped a little with the depression but had serious side affects, others almost killed me.


I worked with general practitioners, psychiatrists, naturopaths, psychologists, hypnotherapists, counselors, psychotherapists, psychics and massage therapists.  Some of their help had some value, but none of them were really able to help me feel normal.


Then, with the right help from the right people, I figured it out...and the answers were not at all what I expected them to be. I was looking the the answers in all the wrong places and when I found them, I really felt that I had to share them through this audio series.


These simple steps have saved my marriage, saved my family...saved my life

Here's what others are saying about "A Path to Healing"...

"Finally someone who understands! "

Sharon is brutally honest. 

Is it possible that someone else is also on this same path that I seem to keep finding myself on? Finally someone who understands!  

Sharon also shares that there is a light at the end of this very hard journey and that there is a wonderful purpose to it all, despite how difficult it is. There is hope!  It is just a matter of seeing life in a new light.  

Thank-you  Sharon, for sharing your light with me.

 Shauna Wanamaker


"This has somehow showed me that maybe there is a way..."

It showed me that there is someone out there who understands! Who has been there. Who knows what it feels like to not ever want to get out of bed. To cry till you think you cannot cry anymore. To just want to die.

Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts. You have come a long way and I really wish many other people can, through your program, be 'healed'.

Vanessa Loots

Johannesburg, South Africa

"...I am no longer shackled by fear..."

Thank God that we have connected. 

You are blessing my life.  I have been in a fog for years, my mental illness being unique to my situation, but so similar in its destruction to me and my family.  Your courage, Sharon, to reveal yourself lends me courage to confess and begin healing. 

 I have allot to be ashamed of, but my courage is so much greater than my sense of shame, and now that I have broken free I am no longer shackled by fear of being found out......

 It is a brave new day!  A dawning of light to dispel the darkness.

Deb Tudor


Just to give you an idea of how bad things really were, I have included the "Forward" of the program here for you to review.  This is narrated by my husband, Steve who, of course, was one of the people most directly affected by my illnesses


(3 minutes 23 seconds)

In "A Path To Healing", I will walk you through the steps that I took which had such a profound effect on my life.

In my audio series you'll learn about:

How to begin with a flicker of hope and then baby step your way down the path to healing.

How to believe that you can see your pain in a different light

How to make your suffering hurt less

How to gain control of your self talk in order to manifest healing and joy.

How to turn your years of suffering into your greatest power.

How to actually discover value from your hurt and suffering so that it was not all for nothing.

How to remove the crippling feelings of guilt from your life by finding the path to forgiveness.

How to change your life and attitude forever by living in permanent appreciation.

How to stop life draining negative thoughts from depleting your energy.

How to tap into your spiritual power to draw healing from God.

How to give new life to an almost nonexistent self esteem and inferiority complex.

How to understand and deal with anger and rage.

How to find life outside of being in bed and isolating yourself from the world.

How to enjoy being with people again.

How to find joy in the simple pleasures of life again.


"A Path to Healing" audio series also Includes a recorded personal interview with one of the people who had the most profound affects on my life.

True to his character, this internationally renowned speaker and success coach holds nothing back


John Assaraf

(The Street Kid)


Internationally recognized entrepreneur, brain researcher and author of the best selling success book; "The Street Kid's Guide to Having it All"

John's work has lead him to be one of the foremost authorities in helping people and companies identify and change the unconscious negative thoughts and behaviors that keep them from reaching their business and personal goals.

This interview alone is worth so much more than your investment in this audio audio series!

In this interview, John helps us to understand:

  • How to stop being a victim of our depression and our anxiety

  • How to extract value from our past suffering

  • Why we already have within us that which we need to heal, and how to tap into that.

  • How to take control of our own mental healing from this day forth by removing our limitations

  • Why we should welcome the chaos that sometimes seems to turn our lives upside down

Don't be a victim for the rest of your life!

"A Path to Healing" can help you if you let it!

I also wanted to also provide you with the perspective from a highly prominent and cutting edge Psychiatrist who could validate the concepts I discuss from a clinical standpoint. I had no idea what I was in for when he and I connected on the phone...WOW!!  I am OVER THE MOON with excitement to be able to provide this for you!

"A Path to Healing" includes my recorded personal interview with...


Dr. Louis B. Cady

Founder of the Cady Wellness Institute in Newburgh, Indiana.


Dr. Cady is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with special interests in Age Management Medicine, ADD/ADHD, and mood disorders.  His practice is based on an integrative model of medicine and he was trained at the world famous Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Cady is a highly sought after speaker for the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in his expertise in the treatment of ADHD, as well as severe and resistant depression.  Audiences nationwide consistently rate him as the one of the best speakers they have ever experienced and when you hear his interview, you'll know why that is!

In this interview, Dr. Cady shares with us:

  • The 2 main causes of depression and anxiety

  • The 3 most common methods of treatment and why anti-depressant drugs are not enough for complete healing

  • The newest and most cutting edge treatments for depression and anxiety

  • Why it is so critical that we understand the role of the subconscious mind in our healing

  • Why our spirituality plays a pivotal role in our healing

  • and much, much more!

Is this audio series for you??

If you...

can't seem to get out of bed

feel tired all of the time

have no energy to do much of anything

have no desire to see or be with anyone

suffer from on-going feelings of guilt, anger or rage

feel like no one understands what you are going through

are lonely and afraid

are tired of the life draining side effects of anti-depressants and sleeping pills

feel constantly sad

lack motivation

are irritable

have trouble concentrating

just no longer feel interested in your favorite activities

feel isolated and not as involved with your family and freinds

feel like there is  no hope

have thoughts of death or suicide

have had a significant weight change

Then "A Path to Healing" is definitely for you!

How much is this information worth?

Well, all I know is that we spent everything we ever had trying to find a solution, and we ended up $150,000 in debt as a result.  If I knew then what I know now, I could have saved our family from financial disaster.

Will this information work for you?

Try it and see...what if it does??

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! Take 30 days to put it to the test! If you aren't completely satisfied we'll return your entire fee no questions asked.

Only $9.99

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